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Choose from a variety of beautifully presented charcuterie boards serving 5 – 25 people for an abundant and luscious array of charcuterie.

For 1 – 25 people served in a box Check out our charcuterie boxes

We are quite certain you will satisfy 15 to 20 people with this large 14″ x 21″ tray. Appetite is very subjective but we are known to be generous with portions. Enjoy!


All our boards contain the finest local gourmet cured meats from free range pork and grass-fed beef. Our cheeses comes from a variety of suppliers including a few local producers like Lakeside Farm and Silvan Star Cheese and, from further away, boutique French cheeses from Quebec and France. Exquisite condiments and preserves are house made. Locally sourced (as much as possible) seasonal fruit and veg from local growers like Prairie Gardens Farm and Lacombe Fresh


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