Art of Charcuterie Event Packages

Artisan Charcuterie Boards Trays

Local Pickup And Delivery

Choose from a variety of beautifully presented charcuterie boards serving 5 – 25 people for an abundant and luscious array of charcuterie.

For 1 – 25 people served in a box Check out our charcuterie boxes

For more than 25 people Check out our Evento Packages

The Wooden Tray

We are quite certain you will satisfy up to 12 people with this 14″ x 21″ tray. We know that is a subjective call but we are not known to be shy with portions. Enjoy!


Evento Boards – Starting at $280

A versatile modular system that allows you to build a splendid charcuterie appetizer grazing experience for gatherings (10 to 100 people) in a cost-effective way. Unlike our boxes, which are designed for smaller gatherings and do not have a pine serving board, the  EVENTO  comes with a returnable serving board (14” x 19”) allowing you to customize your table to have more or less meat, cheese, veg, bread and crackers by selecting those pre-designed boards. You can of course, as with all our products, let us know of any dietary restrictions. Short on time? We also offer a setup service which takes all the worry off getting the display ready. Let us know and we come to your venue and beautifully arrange the grazing boards.


The Duo Gift Voucher + Live edge Cutting Board

This might be just the gift you were looking for.

A Duo Box Gift Voucher  + a Canadian live edge walnut handcrafted Charcuterie Board from Wood By Taylor
a local wood artisan.
Thoughtfully wrapped with the option for Delivery.
The board is approximately 12″ x 12″


The Prairie Board

All our boards contain the finest local gourmet cured meats from free range pork and grass-fed beef. Our cheeses comes from a variety of suppliers including a few local producers like Lakeside Farm and Silvan Star Cheese and, from further away, boutique French cheeses from Quebec and France. Exquisite condiments and preserves are house made. Locally sourced (as much as possible) seasonal fruit and veg from local growers like Prairie Gardens Farm and Lacombe Fresh


Tasty Extras

To add to the experience