The Medium Wooden Tray


You can serve up to 12 people with this 12″ x 18″ tray. Fully abundant like all our products. Enjoy!


Silver Medalist in the 2021 International Chocolate Awards (right here in Sherwood Park!)

This new product uses the usual fine gourmet produce including French, Spanish and Quebec cheeses. Our cheese and pastured/grassfed meat selections change monthly and are accentuated with delicate preserves, olives, fresh fruit & vegetables and sprinkled with edible flowers, fresh herbs, local honey. The tray is a multiple use product and yours to keep.

Comox Triple Cream Camembert
Sylvan Star Aged Gouda Comte 18 months AOP
Rosemary Manchego
Le 1608
Champagne Cheddar
Meuwly’s Westphalian Ham
Parma Prosciutto
Grass Fed Bresaola
Orange + Red Wine Salami
Smokey Rosemary Salami
Bison Juniper Salami
Organic Olives
Mandarin + Pears
Cucumbers – Radish
Fresh Figs (seasonal)
Organic dried Fruit
Meuwly’s Preserves + Mustard
Edible flowers + fresh herb

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