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Artisan Charcuterie Boxes​

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Box contents may vary seasonally and a menu is included.
We accommodate most dietary restrictions. Options can be seen when you click each box
Though we do not use any nuts we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. 
Those with severe allergies should consult with us before ordering.

Online orders require 24 hours notice.

We do our best to accommodate shorter order times but can’t guarantee it.

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More Important Information

Indulge in something special with a friend. Our charcuterie experience for two is perfect for an intimate night at home together, an outdoor picnic or virtual event.


Explore the charcuterie experience with a few close friends. The trinity box will generously satisfy three people.


Artisan Charcuterie Boards​

We are quite certain you will satisfy 15 to 20 people with this large 14″ x 21″ tray. Appetite is very subjective but we are known to be generous with portions. Enjoy!


All our boards contain the finest local gourmet cured meats from free range pork and grass-fed beef. Our cheeses comes from a variety of suppliers including a few local producers like Lakeside Farm and Silvan Star Cheese and, from further away, boutique French cheeses from Quebec and France. Exquisite condiments and preserves are house made. Locally sourced (as much as possible) seasonal fruit and veg from local growers like Prairie Gardens Farm and Lacombe Fresh


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Our Home

And Pick-up Location

Our new location starting September 1st is at Modest Meats – 7345 104 St NW.
Art of Charcuterie will team up with Modest Meats to bring you an exciting collaboration making the best pastured meat experience even better. See you at our new location soon!

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With Love

The concept of melding together a visual and edible art form started when Diana saw the response from her guests when she would host gatherings in her home. When friends and family encountered her charcuterie boards her home became filled with life, inspiration and praise. It was clear that she had something rich and special to share with her local community.


With Style

Art of Charcuterie is inspired by the appreciation of food, people and art. We trust this comes through in the texture, colour and arrangement of our palate – for your palate.

We endeavour to go beyond the nutritional elements of our ingredients and to inspire love and engagement through art and food.



With Pleasure

When food is displayed in a beautiful way, we consume and digest it differently. We become more present in the experience and can appreciate the intricate and subtle details in the textures and flavours.

The enjoyment inspires us to talk about, and share, our experience with others. This is how grazing brings people together, to share and enjoy a beautiful experience with one another; this is why Art of Charcuterie creates and facilitates this type of eating experience. 

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