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In the spirit of simplicity our new Evento Kit/System has streamlined ordering.
This simplified modular system allows you to build a lavish charcuterie appetizer or full grazing experience for 10 to 100 people

For 1 – 25 people served in a box Check out our Boxes

For 5 – 25 people served on a board Check out our Boards

Evento Charcuterie Experience

Step into a world where charcuterie artistry meets the tablescape canvas. Our catered events seamlessly marry the timeless art of charcuterie with the delicate beauty of florals, wood, ceramic and glass creating a visually stunning and palatably delightful experience.

Prepare yourself for a sensory symphony created with you in mind. No two events are the same. We love to unleash our creativity, experience and passion to delivery a one-of-a kind floral centrepiece.

No matter the event type or size, we approach each with the same level of excitement and attention to detail. We can create your bespoke theme or vision which reflects the look, style and tone of your event. To do this we use the best quality ingredients we can get and make it better with unique pairings and local condiments from small batch producers.

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