Friday Dec 3rd and Saturday Dec 4th are fully booked – we are unable to take any more orders for those days.

Zwicks Pretzels


Like pretzels? In 2021 Zwick’s expanded their product line to include a hard pretzel; “an occasional underdog in the snack world” as they say on the package. Don’t take their word for it.

Try it for yourself…

Other Extras

Charcuterie Boxs

If you would like your charcuterie on your own board simply drop it off the day before and we will create something magical for your gathering.


When you purchase a gift voucher we process your request and create a personalized e-voucher with the recipients name. We then send that e-voucher back to you to forward on to the recipient.


Easily satisfy up to 8 friends or family with our Octo box. Also consider this one as an appetizer setting for a larger group.


Invite an intimate and luxurious gathering of up to six people with our beautifully crafted Lux Box.


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