The Valentine’s Bundle – 14 February Only


The Valentine’s Bundle – 2 person box

This year we have included a few surprises that, we feel, will up the enjoyment factor a lot. Firstly, introducing Friedrich’s Finest handmade (in small batches) chocolates (which contain nuts). Friedrich is a German confectioner that seems to have been born for this. And we have had the good fortune of discovering his craft. Second up is flowers, our Bohemian Blooms arranged in a mini glass milk bottle vase. We always try to use local products and have included the Sylvan Star aged gouda from Sylvan Lake. Last, and certainly not least, we are introducing meats from Pioneer Butchery and Charcuterie (also a local producer) offering a fresh selection of grass-fed and pastured salamis and cured meats.

Special day has special pickup and delivery:

Pick up: 2:00 – 5:00 PM only

Delivery: 12:00 – 5:00 PM only



The boxes are beautifully, and uniquely, designed and crafted upon order. We use only the finest gourmet produce including French and Quebec cheeses. Our cheese selections along with free-range meats change monthly and are accentuated with delicate preserves, olives, fresh fruit & vegetables and sprinkled with edible flowers, fresh herbs, local honey, and maybe a few surprises from our chef friends.
Brie de Meaux, the finest from France
Sylvan Star Aged Gouda
Champagne Cheddar
Pioneer’s Tuscan Salami
Pioneer’s Sweet Roll Salami (Cotto)
Pioneer’s Beef Bresaola and Prosciutto
Pioneer’s Landjaeger Sausage
VDG Truffle Salami
Valentine  Olives
Grapes + Clementine
Heart Shaped Cucumber
Radish+ Tomatoes
Fresh Micro Greens
Organic Dried Figs + Cranberries + Apricots
Local Fresh Herbs + Edible Flowers Petals
… and then…
Fredrick’s Finest Chocolates (contains nuts)
And, …. Bohemian Blooms

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